47th Reign Monarchs

HMIM The All American Sweet &
Sassy Badass Empress
DoMe Moore
HMIM The Trash Panda Guardian of the TP for the Bungholio Emperor
Ben Flicker

Monarchs’ Charities

The Court of Honesty, Strength, Bravery, and Philanthropy

Imperial Crown Princess RoyaleImperial Crown Prince Royale
Robin CargoChance Whittley
Imperial Crown “Leather” PrincessImperial Crown
“Pup” Prince
Imperial Crown
Prince & Princess
Carlene Ellis
Ms. Sacramento Leather 2020/21
Esteban Retiz
Mr Bolt 2020/21
Dennis & Rhonda Harrigan
Imperial Crown PrincessImperial Crown
Dymond BrownEnrique Ernesto

Mr. Gay SacramentoMiss Gay Sacramento
Mondo MillionsA La Mode
Court MemberTitle Bestowed
Nick HallCrown Prince
Jocelyn MorgensternCrown Princess
Timothy SalyerCrown Prince
Mercury RisingCrown Princess
Karl Reid-CramerCrown Prince
Suzette VenetiCrown Princess