The Imperial Court of Sacramento gives 70% of the annual money raised back to local charities each year. It is the practice of the court to try and give 100% back to the community by raising funds through our sponsorship program to cover all administrative costs. Most recently during 44th Imperial Reign, the court was able to give 100% of the funds raised back to the community. Scroll down to review and learn more about the organizations the Imperial Court of Sacramento supports.

45th Imperial Reign Charities:

Mustard Seed School at Loaves and Fishes – Mustard Seed is a free private school for children ages 3-15, which provides a safe, nurturing and structured environment, a positive learning experience, happy memories, survival resources of food, clothing and shelter referrals, medical and dental screenings, immunization updates, counseling for children and their parents, and assistance entering or reentering public schools.

Sickle Cell Foundation of California – The Mission is to provide education and life-enhancing programs and services to individuals with sickle cell disease, to broaden public awareness about sickle cell disease and to promote medical research and education to ultimately find a cure.
Matthew Shepard Foundation – The foundation is set to empower individuals everywhere to embrace and accept diversity and advocate change in the world. The Matthew Shepard Foundation aims to erase the hate in the world and replace it with understanding and compassion and acceptance. This amazing organization wishes to foster a more caring and just world for everyone.

44th Imperial Reign Charities:

Sunburst logo
Sunburst Projects  – The mission of Sunburst Projects is to keep families together (family preservation) by providing services that strengthen and empower individuals, families, and communities to ensure youth living with HIV/AIDS reach their highest potential.

SacCenter logoSacramento Gay and Lesbian Center’s Home Youth Program
–  The Sacramento LGBT Community Center works to create a region where LGBTQ people thrive. We support the health and wellness of the most marginalized, advocate for equality and justice, and work to build a culturally rich LGBTQ community.


43rd Imperial Reign Charities:

Sacramento Gay Men’s Chorus – The Chorus was founded in 1984 as a singing group that aimed to foster a sense of community and provides support for gays and lesbians in the Sacramento area. Over the past 30 years, through musical performance and outreach programs, the chorus has grown to become an integral part of the Sacramento music community, as well as a voice for the LGBT community in the greater Sacramento area.

50 Years of Fabulous, A Documentary of the Imperial Court of San Francisco – This documentary tells the history of the mother court of the International Imperial Court System, San Francisco and the story of the founder, Empress 1, Mama Jose. This film is making its way through the LGBT film festival scene in the US. Look for it in a city near you.

The Imperial Star Empire – This chapter of the International Court System was formed to cultivate friendship and fellowship among members, to promote harmonious relations between members and the community, to place their fellow human beings on a higher plane of understanding, concern, and to be of assistance and aid to those in need.

Runaway Stage Production, Inc – (RSP) is a non-profit organization producing high-quality community theatre and enriching the lives of children through learning-by-doing education in the theatre acts.

SacCirque- A performance circus that changes lives through sparking the imagination of those who watch or by facilitating the personal development and creativity of those who perform. SacCirque hopes to bring the circus arts to underprivileged youth within the Sacramento community.

Resurrection Theater – This theater strives to produce an exceptional intimate theater adventure that is inclusive of all citizens of the planet. We continue to create diversity, highlighting the voice that may otherwise get lost or repressed through live performance art. Resurrection Theatre is proud to support the LGBT community organizations yearly with one or more productions.

Affinity Community Counseling, Inc. – Affinity is a revolutionary mental health and wellness program that is “of the people” and deeply rooted in cultural value that promotes the natural healing of life.  Our concepts are empowerment, restorative justice, and rehabilitative service and support.

The House of Sizzle – A burlesque performance group based in Sacramento, CA who prefer to further the art of burlesque.

Franklin Highschool’s Fusion Dance Company – A dance performance ensemble for Franklin High School and is composed of a diverse group of students, ages 13-18, that are passionate about the Art of Dance.


Listing of Charities Supported by Past Imperial Reigns

42nd Imperial Reign:

Golden Rules Services & NorCal AIDS Cycle

41st Imperial Reign:

American Heart Association, Mama’s Family Toy Drive & River City Food Bank

40th Imperial Reign:

Native American Health Center, SIN Sacramento, Capital Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association, Breaking Barriers,
Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center, Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Softball League

39th Imperial Reign:

Golden Rules Services & NorCal AIDS Cycle

38th Imperial Reign:

Native American Health Center, SIN Sacramento, Capital Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association, Breaking Barriers,
Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center, Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Softball League

37th Imperial Reign:

Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center

36th Imperial Reign:


35th Imperial Reign:

UC Davis Children’s Burn Unit, Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Soft Ball League, Mama’s Family Toy Drive,
Loaves & Fishes, Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center & W.E.A.V.E.

34th Imperial Reign:

The Mind Institute & Capital Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association

33rd Imperial Reign:

Capital Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association

32nd Imperial Reign:

Capital Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association, Sisters of Scotia, & Lambda Center