The intent of this page is to provide an overview of policy changes approved by the board for general understanding. The information provided is a subset of the policy and may not contain all aspects of the full policy. Please contact

Term Limits – Executive Seats – Approved Nov 28, 2023

Impose term limits on the Executive Board Seats (President, Vice President(s), Treasurer, and Secretary).  Retroactive from Reign 50, board members can serve up to 2 consecutive terms in the same Executive position. Executive Position Term Limit Exception. In the event, there are only 3 active board members. A board member who has served 2 consecutive terms in the same Executive position can serve additional terms in the same Executive position until the number of active board members increases to support the term limits. CA requires a minimum of 3 executive officers (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) at all times for a non-profit.

Eligibility and Seating of the CGNIE Board – Approved Nov 28, 2023

Any and all Former Monarchs, Grand Dukes, or Grand Duchess from the Courts of Sacramento, Redding, Chico, or Stockton. Any CGNIE Board Executive within 2 years and any CGNIE Lifetime Title Holders.

Any of the above must meet the following: 1) Resident with CGNIE Terrorties 2) Dues current for prior Reign 3) Must be in good standing with CGNIE 4) No role with a conflicting Non-Profit.

  • Order of Seating
    • Seats 1 and 2: Newly Elected Monarchs (2 Community seats)
    • Seats 3 through 7: Community-At-Large Seats (5 Community seats)
    • Seats 8 through 13: Immediate Past Presidents of the Board and then Past Officers who have served within the last 2 years of the board
    • Seats 14 through 19: Past Monarchs, Ducals, and Lifetime Titleholders (any unused seats from  Seats 8 through 13 can be added to the final round of seating)
  • Past Monarchs or Crown Heads
    • Reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent reign
    • If there are Monarchs and Crown Heads with the same number, then both can be voted simultaneously.
    • If only a single seat is left and there are Monarchs and Crown Heads with the same number for the last seat, the individual with the most votes will be seated.
  • Lifetime Title Holders

Community Seats. As community-elected seats (Board Seats 1-7), the validated results of the community election will be presented by the Secretary and Treasurer during the board seating.  Those community-elected members will be seated without a secondary vote based on the seating order. 

Remaining Board Seats (8 through 19). The remaining board seats will follow the seating order and are subject to a board vote. Voting shall be conducted anonymously, in writing or electronically, or a combination of both. The secretary and treasurer will collect and validate vote tallies for each seated group, with the results provided during the session.

Who can vote during the seating of the board: The community-elected board members vote on seats 8 through 13, and Seats 14 through 19 are voted on by any seat that was voted in during the current seating process.

Who can not vote: As defined by the existing by-laws, the Secretary and Treasurer from the previous reign are to manage the board seating but will only have a vote during the seating process if they have been voted on the board during the current seating process. 

  • Eligibility to request a Board Seat
    • Seats 8 – 19 are the only eligible seats for those not elected by the community.
    • The individual must be a dues-paying member from the prior reign.
    • The individual must be in good standing with CGNIE

Requesting a board seat after the initial seating: If there are open seats on the board, anyone meeting the criteria for an open board seat may petition the secretary in person, virtually, or in writing for the opportunity to be considered for a seat on the board.

  • During the board meeting, The Secretary will hold a vote for the seat(s).
  • The voting process will follow the seating and voting process.
  • A newly voted-in board member(s) will be subject to all board members’ responsibilities and receive a prorated Give or Get Value based on the number of months left in the current Reign.

Community Applications – Approved November 28, 2023

Any person(s) considering running for a community-elected board position (Monarchs or Community At Large) must meet all eligibility criteria, complete an application, and pass the board of review. This includes existing board members who intend to join or rejoin the board through a community seat.

College of Sovereigns and Nobility – Approved November 28, 2023

Change the Title of the College of Monarchs to the College of Sovereigns and Nobility

Eligibility for enrollment into the College of Sovereigns and Nobility to include all former Monarchs, Grand Dukes, and Grand Duchess and those bestowed Lifetime titles. Monarchs, Grand Dukes, and Grand Duchess must have successfully completed their reigns and issued their number; Regents are not considered for the College.  Those bestowed a lifetime title must be in good standing and provide proof of their title if required by the board.

Appointment of the Dean of the College of Sovereigns and Nobility.  The sitting CGNIE President will appoint the Dean of the College of the board. The appointed Dean of the College shall be a dues-paying member. Dues can be paid at the time of appointment or before the appointment.

  • Dean of the College duties.  The following are the duties of the Dean of the College of Sovereigns and Nobility;
    • The College of Sovereigns and Nobility is considered a Sub-committee of the Board and reports to the Board President.
    • Appointment of a Vice Dean of the College.
    • Attend the CGNIE Board meetings bi-monthly or more frequently to provide a College of Sovereigns and Nobility report.
    • Provide updates on any work, sessions, conversations, or concerns from the College.
    • Encourage the College to participate in Board/Court Events.
    • Communicate updates from the board and or court to the College.
    • Maintain a contact list for the College members.
    • Ensure the information on former Monarchs, Ducals, and Lifetime Titleholders is up to date for board records.
    • Conduct the Monarchs’ review for the current reign on or before the 6 months of reigning.
    • Act as a standing member of the Grievance Committee to provide guidance during the process.
    • Host 2 events during the Reign, with board support Monarchs Reception during Coronation Weekend.
    • Host a gathering (Lunch, Brunch, or Dinner) in which the College of Sovereigns and Nobility can gather in person and interact directly with the Imperial Court.

Motion Reinstate Duke and Duchess “Camp Title” for assignment by Sitting Monarchs – Approved January 30. 2024

We move to amend the provisions of the motion to close the Ducal House of the Imperial Court of the Great Northwest Imperial Empire on May 28, 2019. We look to change the provision allowing the use of the titles “Duke” and “Duchess.”

  • The court and board will be allowed to use the mentioned titles with the following restrictions.
    • They will have no moniker attached except those given to them of the area they represent.
    • All Ducal titles will only represent an area designated by the reigning monarch, the board, and the college dean. (i.e., The Duke of Stockton or Stockton Duke)
    • They will have the protocol of “Their/His/Her Imperial Grace” and walk with the same level of a barony. (e.g nobility> duke/duchess/duck >Prince/Princess/Prix> ICPs>ICPRs> current Monarchs)
    • It remains that the Titles “Grand Duke, Grand Duchess, and Arch Duke, Arch Duchess, will remain only with those who have previously earned the titles and shall not be ever bestowed again. 

Dissolution Of Past Proclamations – Approved March 26, 2024

Move to dissolve any and all proclamations made by former Monarchs. As a board member, sitting monarch(s) can make motions to enter change to policies and or procedures without the entitlement of a proclamation. The CGNIE Board, in March 2019, attempted to dissolve past proclamations; however, they still need to clarify the action in the written and approved motion, and therefore, it was not fully resolved and this motion fully dissolves them.

Honoring Monarch and Ducal titles from Chico, Stockton, and Redding – Approved March 26, 2024

CGNIE will honor all past Monarchs and Ducals from the Redding, Chico, and Stockton courts and bestow them the same courtesies as those from CGNIE. This includes induction into the College of Sovereigns and Nobility, the ability to be seated on the CGNIE board, and the ability to walk as CGNIE for in-town and out-of-town events. Titles and Numbers will remain as earned, and when publicizing or in walks, they will be signified by the city of the court. Examples of title: Empress 50 of Sacramento Uneke Chanel, Emperor 40 of Chico Patty Gartner

Name Change of Organization – Approved March 26, 2024

Change the Public name of the organization from “The Imperial Court of Sacramento” to “CGNIE The United Courts of Sacramento, Stockton, Chico & Redding,” aka “The United Courts of CGNIE” effective with the beginning of reign 51.  The name “The Court Of The Great Northwest Imperial Empire” will remain the legal business entity and be used for non-profit filings. The use of “The Imperial Court of Sacramento” or “The Imperial Court of Sacramento-CGNIE” will be retired. This change will provide a cohesive identifier and better representation of the 27 counties that are part of CGNIE.