This is a reference page and is updated as new information is provided.

Sacramento Food BankHow Can We Help You
Cal Fresh SnapGet Money for food
Tenant Protection Program (Renters) TPP City of Sac
Mortgage Payment ProgramsCal Matters
PG&EPG&E Covid 19 Programs
SMUDHelp paying your bill
Employment Development Department
(File on-line for faster results)
File for Unemployment
Local Government Website
CA Governors SiteCA COVID 19
Federal Government InformationWebsite
Small Business Assistance
(Payroll and Rent relief )
The CARES Act (Covid 19 Relief)Treasury Department
Tax Relief IRS.GOV
Relief Payment – 1,200
what you need to know
Who Qualifies and How
The Cares Relief Act Document
(Do your own research, read the act)
Congress.Gov actual act
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
What Kills COVID and What doesnt
Frequently Asked Questions

When you call about your bills, it is important you state “I am unable to pay due to coronavirus or COVID 19” so that the person you are speaking with can direct you to the correct programs

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