President – Johnathan Cameron a.k.a Taryn Thru-u

Vice President – Jeo Treto

Secretary – Gerald Filice

Treasurer - Jake Bradley-Rowe a.k.a Precious Cargo

Emperor – Rocky Citi

Empress – Brett Anderson a.k.a Betty Booger
Community-at-Large – Hillary Glueck-Pratali

Community-at-Large – Blake Holloway a.k.a Diane Betesi

Community-at-Large – Matt Theroux a.k.a Relentlace

At-Large – Robert Collins

At-Large – Paul Crouch, aka Do-Me Moore

LaKish Scholarship FundGarett Reid

Fairy Godfather Fund – Dennis Seguin a.k.a Haley Ricardo

College of Monarchs:

Dean:  Jake Bradley-Rowe, aka Precious Cargo
Vice-Dean:  Paul Crouch, aka Do-Me Moore

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Gerald Filice

Gerald Filice

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Brett Anderson

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P.O. Box 19451, Sacramento, CA 95819




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